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Pursuit of Adventure

Create Play Learn

Why are children more attracted to iPads and phones now than they are tactile, immersive play? Space? Scope? What does technology offer that the more directly real hands-on toy can not?

The idea behind these childrens’ playhouses is to nurture the ethos of creativity and intrigue. Kids are naturally inclined to this hands-on exploration of the physical. Why don’t we make a child’s playhouse that can be formed as big or small as desired? Why can’t they build it themselves, without you having to ponder over fifty crinkled pages of an instruction manual that can’t quite be deciphered? Why should any of the family worry about where it’ll go?

With flat-pack and modular play, Pursuit of Adventure tidily resolves these issues. They create unbounded products that slot together in a variety of formations, allowing your child to create unique and exciting structures.


We’re talking end-of-garden territories, waterbomb fights in the height of summer; we’re talking cooped up winter nights, with bedtime tales in living room dens. World-building, alliance forging, companionship and sharing - these might seem lofty ideals for a children’s toy, but isn’t that exactly what play should be? Not isolatory, but creative, with emphasis on the proactive body and the active imagination!