MEE GO Milano Silver Charm Special Edition

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The Milano Special Edition will certainly make a statement when you are out and about with its stunning looks and attention to detail. Available in three colour options; Silver Charm Special Edition is chic and sophisticated set off beautifully on a sports smoke mirror chassis. Ebony Special Edition makes a real statement with its all black faux leather fabrics making it moody and mysterious on a sports mirror chassis and the new addition Mirage Special Addition features stunning Aztec design woven fabrics to stand out from the crowd, also on a sports smoke mirror chassis.

View the Milano Special Edition Silver Charm video here.

Having stunning looks doesn’t mean a compromise on functionality… the Silver Charm, Mirage and Ebony Milano Special Editions are well equipped with lots of  practical features to help you travel with your little one simply and easily.

The Milano Special Editions come as a complete package including carrycot, car seat, car seat adaptors, handmuffs, changing bag, raincover, mosquito net and cup holder.



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