How to plan your perfect playroom?

Today we are talking about the ever popular area of the  playroom. Playrooms have become more and more popular in recent times. Here are some of our top tips when planning yours!

  1. Budget

Create a budget and work with it. Consider the functionality of your budget. What items matter the most to you and what items you are happy to compromise on.  Create a hierarchy of items and go from here.

 An example list might look something like this

Wallpaper or paint






  1. Moodboard

Create a moodboard using an app or website such as pinterest . A moodboard is an important part of the planning process as it helps streamline what you like and what you dislike. It also is great for helping to plan out your space and link in with your budget on what items will be required to achieve the look and along with the functionality you are going for. 


Storage, storage and more storage! Playrooms can fast become cluttered and full of toys. With the right storage solutions you can create an area that is just as visually attractive as any other room in your home. You can also use your storage to create organisation within the room by separating toys into categories and keeping them organised this way.  Another clever storage method is using an item such as an bookcase bench which can be used as a bench for seating along with book storage but also it is visually a very nice addition to your space! Shelving units that are also functional but visually creative can also really add to your space. A favourite of ours at the moment for adding creativity to your space would be bearbookacase


Comfortable seating creates an the ideal place to sit and read a book together or you may just need to take a breather while your kids play!  When choosing your seating consider choosing fabrics and finishes that are resistant to spills and stains. beanbags are often a good idea for the children to sink into and get cosy reading their favourite book! It is also worth mentioning some cot beds can also transform into a daybed at a later time which can be really useful that can be also used as seating in a playroom or bedroom.

  1. Décor

Choose décor to personalise the space and create an inviting calming environment. We would always advise to go with neutrals as the starting point of your room  you can then add colour and accessories which can be updated as the years go on.  Cool @prints or decorative items such as giraffe, elephant stool can really add to your space. A point previously mentioned is also relevant here,  some items can have a double use such as llamarockinghorse or dolls wicker pram which are toys but they also look really nice within a space.