Our Top 5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Nursery

-What you wish you’d know before clicking ‘Add to Cart’-

1) Visualise the space that your new furniture will take up in the room. The best way to do this is to mark out the dimensions in tape on the floor. This way you can be sure that your purchases will work perfectly with the space available. Prioritise the essential items such as the crib and changing table.

2) Invest in a comfortable feeding chair. This might not seem like a priority at first but trust me - a comfortable space for feeding is a godsend, especially at night-time. A rocking chair is ideal for helping to settle your little bundle back to sleep.

3) Think about your colour palette. You may (or may not) know the gender of your baby in advance but it’s also worth keeping in mind any future children that may use the room. A good way to do this is to keep the main colour scheme neutral but add in gender specific accessories that can be easily updated such as sleep nests, bedding and wall art. Choosing calming pastels and neutral colours will help to create a serene space that promotes comfort and sleep.

4) Think practically. Where are the plugs situated to place your baby monitor and does it provide a good view of where you intend to place the crib? Do you have blackout blinds installed? Is your feeding chair situated close to the window so you can enjoy the view? These are all important practical considerations that can greatly impact your enjoyment of the space.

5) Think outside the box for accessories. It can be nice to choose a few key pieces that your child will keep forever and will work well when they move to a new room. E.g. Our rocking horse, beanbags and piglet stools all make cute additions to any child’s room and can make a wonderful heirloom to treasure. I also like to display my daughter’s tutus and special occasion dresses on decorative hangers to add a girly touch to her room.