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A two-door, tall, spacious wardrobe divided into two sections. One side provides space for clothing, the other side is designed with shelves for storage. The height of some of the shelves can be adjusted to your preference . The wardrobe is completed with a drawer. 

Why buy me? 
- spacious storage drawer
- 5 shelves, including 3 with adjustable height; on the left 2 clothes bars, under one of them there is one shelf with adjustable height
- Can be assembled on to the wall for safety – (recommended)
- complies with European standards and safety norms.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 190
Depth: 50
Width: 100

Furniture design and finish:
- furniture is made of high quality laminated board which is resistant to damage and humidity, easy to keep clean,
- a wooden structure is made of thick pine wood which can have some imperfections, i.e. knots, micro cracks, irregular colours etc., which are typical of natural raw materials. Wood is varnished with clear paint which is safe for children,
- drawers and wardrobe doors open in the system „push to open” 


- snowy whiteness, neutral greyness, bright pine wood, everything matt finished,


The wardrobe is finished with a specially selected paint which has a unique hardening feature. It creates a barrier to ensure the furniture is resistant to two types of damage:

- Chemical: protects against the effects of the water liquid, lotions, oils and other detergents

- Mechanical protection against all kinds of scratches arising from the use of furniture.


 Delivery : 4-6 weeks


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